Allow us to introduce ourselves:

We are Don and Brigitte van der Linden. Together with our three daughters Iris, Maran, and Kira, we are an enterprising and enthusiastic family that was ready for a new direction in our lives. We used to reside in the Netherlands. Don worked as a safety consultant, while Brigitte owned her own hair salon. In 2015, we decided to make a big change, a decision that was documented by the TV program "Ik Vertrek" (I'm Leaving). We left everything behind in the Netherlands and purchased an old farmstead in Fongrave, which we transformed into a beautiful glamping site called Domaine Ramonjavel (www.ramonjavel.eu). We primarily cater to families with children up to 12 years old and also host weddings. In 2019, we expanded our glamping site with an alpaca farm (www.alpagaskimaris.com), opened a small shop, and organized activities with the alpacas such as walks and picnics. Nowadays, Lot et Garonne has truly become our home. We have found our place here and thoroughly enjoy the French way of life!  
. . .  

New Challenge

Over the years, we completed the major projects on our beautiful glamping site, so we began searching for a new project. We were looking for a quaint cottage by the Lot River that we could rent out. However, that cottage turned into something bigger... After seeing the advertisement from the real estate agent, we decided to take a look. There was a hole in the fence, and as we wriggled through the blackberry bushes, we found ourselves inside. The magnificent Abbey of Clairac, overrun by 17 years of abandonment, looting, and destruction. It captured our hearts; we fell in love instantly!
. . .  

Full of plans, we roll up our sleeves!

Since October 2022, we can proudly call ourselves the owners. Bursting with plans, we got to work. From June onwards, the first gite is available for rent. It's a unique experience for your holiday and a wonderful location for a party or wedding! You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram. And next year, our adventure will also be featured on the Dutch TV program "Ik Vertrek" (I'm Leaving).